Looking for a Custom-Closet Manufacturer and Supplier in Florida?

QZ Direct is a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of fully-customizable solutions for industries requiring closets, cabinetry, casework and millwork.

We have the capability to fulfill the customization and personalization requirements, as well as the production demands, for individual homeowners, homebuilders, interior designers, and closet dealers in Florida.


Effortlessly Fulfill Your Clients' Customization, Personalization,
and Production Requirements with QZ Direct!

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Cabinetry & Closets Manufacturer with Cut-to-Size Capabilities

QZ Direct LLC specializes in manufacturing custom closet components ready for installation. With additional design installation services, we are able to serve established businesses or new comers to the industry.


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Why QZ Direct?

  • Commitment and Reliability: We are a loyal and dependable partner that truly cares about your success. We are committed to responding to your critical needs and delivering the highest quality products and services on time.
  • Innovative Design Solutions: As a partner, you will have access to our extensive range of closet components and accessories. Whether you require space-saving walk-in closets, chic wardrobe systems, or custom storage units for specific areas, we've got you covered.
  • Trust and Accountability: We are local and family owned. You are dealing directly with the owner and key decision-makers of the company. You can expect open communication, honest recommendations, and commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship directly from us.  
  • We Have Over 25 Years of Experience Working With Builders and Contractors in Florida!
  • Tailored Training and Resources: Stay updated with the latest industry trends and product knowledge through our specialized training programs. Our resources will empower you to optimize space utilization and design closets that inspire awe.
  • Factory Direct- Pricing: With QZ Direct as your in-house manufacturer, you can increase your sale amount by offering more variants of any woodwork products for various closets and cabinetry without worrying about middleman markups. 
  • High Quality Products: With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we are able to produce the finest products and materials to ensure that our closets are durable, functional, and visually stunning. You'll have everything you need to create exceptional closets that stand the test of time.
  • Local Expertise and Knowledge: Because we are a locally owned custom closet manufacturer, we have extensive knowledge of the local market and community. We understand the local trends, design preferences, and building codes, allowing you to create custom closets that seamlessly blend with the local style and regulations in Florida.


With precision craftsmanship, heavy-duty hardware and premium grade joinery, our casework and complementary products will be designed to serve the functionality and needs of your project.

We are always committed to the timely completion and delivery of the job.

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